Morgantown AC & Furnace Filter Replacement

Replace your AC filter to improve your indoor air quality – Call us for services anywhere in Monongalia County.

Is the air from your AC or furnace dusty? Do you wake up congested? A damaged or dirty HVAC filter could be the cause. Ignoring the problem can increase your energy bills and cause respiratory health complications. Restore your indoor air quality today with AC filter cleaning and replacement services from J&S Indoor Comfort Specialist, LLC, in Morgantown, WV.

Aside from making your home safer and cleaner, our AC and heater filter services improve your system’s energy efficiency, making it cheaper to use. It will also extend your unit’s lifespan.

No matter where you are in Monongalia County, you can count on us for AC or furnace repair and maintenance.

When is Professional Furnace or AC Filter Replacement Necessary?

If you don’t use your heating or cooling system frequently and the air around your home is generally clean, we recommend cleaning or replacing your filters every six months.

If you live in the dustier parts of Morgantown or have pets, you should consider increasing that to every three months. People who are allergic to dander and other airborne pollutants might even benefit from monthly replacements.

Aside from keeping the air from your system clean, regular filter maintenance keeps your HVAC systems running efficiently. If the system has to work harder to pull in air, it'll use more energy. It might even create a fire risk.

Our team is happy to change your filter. We deliver same-day service to most parts of Monongalia County.

What Other AC Component Affects Indoor Air Quality?

Another component of your AC that affects indoor air quality is the evaporator coil. Bacteria and mold growing on the evaporator coil's fins can cause unpleasant odors. Debris accumulating on or around the coil can also cause problems.

When servicing your AC, we also clean the evaporator coils and inspect them for issues. If there is an issue, our team can fix it on the spot. If necessary, we can even provide you with an evaporator coil replacement. Changing an evaporator coil might be necessary if it is leaking, outdated, or if fixing it will cost more than getting a new one.

Our team can handle all aspects of AC repair and maintenance. Get in touch today to see what we can do for your cooling system.

Why Work With Us?

At J&S Indoor Comfort Specialist, LLC, we provide AC and furnace filter cleaning and repairs that ensure your indoor air quality is the best it can be, and your HVAC system offers the best performance possible. Our team has provided dependable services to Morgantown residents since 1958. Aside from our dependability and guaranteed customer satisfaction, choose us for:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Upfront, fair pricing
  • Licensed, insured, polite, and background-checked techs
  • Industry-leading technology

Call J&S Indoor Comfort Specialist, LLC, today at 304-864-6733 to schedule air filter and evaporator cleaning or replacement in Morgantown, WV.